Another Nail In The Coffin? Josh Hopkins Joins Pepper Dennis
Pretty much confirming that the Global Frequency TV series project is dead, Josh Hopkins, who played "Sean Ronin" in the doomed pilot, has signed on for the new WB pilot Pepper Dennis.

Pepper Dennis stars Rebecca Romijn as a Chicago-based TV reporter. It is speculated that Hopkins plays Charlie Bishop, a new anchor at the station that Romijn's character had a past with. If the pilot is successful, it could become a regular series... but then again, of course, that's what we hoped for Global Frequency, too.


Unconfirmed Rumor: The WB Passes On Global Frequency
At this point we have no confirmation from any official sources, so our apologies if this could be completely wrong... but it seems that the "sure thing" of a March 2005 launch for Global Frequency may not happen after all, as we are hearing that the WB has passed on making Global Frequency beyond the series pilot.

We hope this rumor is untrue, and of course, we will be posting more when and if we hear anything more solid.


Second Global Frequency Trade Paperback Collection Coming Dec. 8
A second collection of the Global Frequency graphic novel series, collecting issues #7-12, will be hitting stores in December. Here's how DC Comics describes the book:

Written by Warren Ellis
Art by Lee Bermejo, Simon Bisley, Tomm Coker, Gene Ha, Jason Pearson, Chris Sprouse and Karl Story
Cover by Brian Wood

The concluding volume includes issues #7-12 of the highly acclaimed maxiseries that's soon to be a series on the WB!

From the streets of Los Angeles to the sewers below New York City, Global Frequency is always watching. There are 1,001 people on the Frequency - from 16-year-old computer experts to retired police detectives - and each one brings their own unique abilities to the GF table. Each mission is coordinated at GF central by Aleph, who dispatches the appropriate agents at the behest of Miranda Zero, founder and overseer of the Frequency. Together, all these pieces form one concise unit whose goal is simple: to save the day when all hope is lost!

The fact that they say "soon to be a series on the WB" is very reassuring that things are going well with the GF pilot. (We still haven't heard anything!) This collection is great as it offers some backstory for characters like Aleph as well as having some all around great material.

We will post ordering information when it becomes available. In the meantime, why not tell your local comic book store managers you'd be interested in him ordering a copy for you?


Ellis: "I Really Never Expected It To Be Done This Damn Well"
Apparently one or two of the blog entries of GF graphic novel creator Warren Ellis were lost and delayed in cyberspace for the week. In a recently posted entry, Ellis talks about an "actual Global Frequency moment" that he witnessed last week:

"For those who know the book: yesterday I watched Jenni pull out her GF phone and answer it with: "955." Your actual Global Frequency Moment. And, a few minutes later, using her phone to scan a document. Carrying the GF operative's case with the logo embossed on the side. The logo I remember first creating and sketching out in a pub with a ballpoint pen I stole from the barmaid.

"It's a strange feeling.

"I really never expected it to be done this damn well."


Warren Ellis Has Left The Building; Graphic Novel Sequel Coming?
The journey of GF graphic novel creator Warren Ellis. at the set of Global Frequency is coming to a close. "Hello and goodbye to the cast and crew -- whom, I've learned over the last few days, are all reading the blog. I have had a hell of a lot of fun, and it's all down to you people and your kindness. With your talent and a little bit of luck, we'll all be back here next year, making the best television show of the year," he said in his online blog.

Ellis closed with two interesting comments - one, that he needs to start thinking about a sequel to the Global Frequency graphic novel series, this time "featuring Jenni and Josh's characters" (referring to the characters of Dr. Finch and Sean Ronin); and two, that "I think the second thing Nelson McCormick said to me was, 'I love TRANSMET. We should do that as an HBO series'..." referring to Transmetropolitan, the series created by Ellis with still-underrated-but-one-of-the-best-in-the-field artist Darick Robertson.

Ellis has of course posted more images from the GF set, so, by all means, check out his blog.

GF Central Ops Revealed!
An unfinished look at the GF Central Operations set can now be found at the "Die Puny Humans" blog of GF graphic novel creator Warren Ellis.

"It's vast and clever and real. This isn't Birds of Prey, you know what I mean? They're going to email me shots of the complete set with Aleph's consoles next week. But just walking around this thing... it's the amplification of the work that I never thought of," Ellis said in the blog.


More On-Set Photos and Blogging...
Warren Ellis is still updating "Die Puny Humans" blog and posting more photos from the Global Frequency set. Click here to see.

Ellis has apparently been a busy guy up there. He's already been interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, so keep an eye out for that, and it sounds like it's been a pretty good production up there.

To the top left of this article you can find a picture of half a human body, which of course will likely be accompanied by a lot of special effects. Hopefully he won't kill us for sharing, but, there will be a lot more like this when you visit his blog!


Finally, Some Updates!
The "Die Puny Humans" blog of Warren Ellis tells of many of his adventures so far on the Global Frequency set. Go read it for the whole details (be warned: the blog is not for all ages!), but here are a few tidbits that may interest you:

  • There will be a scene of Jenni Baird and Josh Hopkins, as Kae and Sean, chasing guest actor Brian Jensen in an underground car park.
  • Warren says that Hopkins is "dryly funny," and Jenni Baird is "every boy's TV crush."
  • Ellis shares that "confidence is high," and "good work is being done and everyone knows it." Very good signs for this project...
  • Jenni Baird does not yet know about slash fiction. This will be a fun experience...
  • Warren Ellis has done an interview for the show's Electronic Press Kit. (We want one!)
  • Some script details revealed by Ellis: "In the script, Rogers has combined the Russian sleeper agent with the rotting implant in his head with the guy from my PLANETARY/THE BATMAN: NIGHT ON EARTH book who's causing his immediate environment to shift in and out of the laws of physics."

The blog also has some photos from the set, like the one accompanying this article. It sounds like TV success is being made!


More Warren Ellis Comics To TV Soon?
Rich Johnston's "Lying In The Gutters" comic book gossip column has posted that the Warren Ellis-written comic series Mek and Tokyo Storm Warning may be headed to a TV screen near you. Ellis, for those of you not paying attention, is the man who created Global Frequency. Either way, Warren Ellis himself has said on his mailing list several weeks ago that there may be a "TV Thing That Is Not Global Frequency" in the future, so hopefully we'll hear soon enough what it will be. Not that anyone asked, but the Warren Ellis series we'd most like to see on the screen would be Planetary which, according to Comics2Film, was up for a TV development years ago.


Most Likely Not The TV Series Logo...
One of the WB's press sites has released this logo artwork for Global Frequency. Warren Ellis recently commented in his blog that he preferred the logo used on the printed series, and we tend to agree with him.

However, it seems that this logo was simply created as a place holder, and is very likely *not* the final logo that will appear on the series, should everything go well and it will launch in early 2005. We'll keep you updated.


More From Warren Ellis...
Global Frequency comic creator Warren Ellis has spoken again on his Bad Signal mailing list. He will be visiting the set of the pilot, and is "looking forward to seeing if she gets the mohican cut."

Ellis has also revealed that the second collection of the Global Frequency comic series is due later this year. The title will be "Detonation Radio." "And if the pilot gets aired and we go to series -- and the production has hired writers already -- I guess I better start thinking seriously about the sequel again," he revealed to his readers.


Jenni Baird, You Are On The Global Frequency
Australian actress Jenni Baird has signed on as Dr. Katrina Finch in the Global Frequency TV pilot, as revealed by executive producer John Rogers at the Wildstorm panel at the Comic Con International in San Diego.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Jenni graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in Performance in 1999. Her previous credits include the Australian series Metropolis, Crash Palace, and All Saints.

More Comic Con News!
Warren Ellis To Write Episode, 13 Episodes To Start In March, Buffy, Teen Titans Alums Sign On

More news revealed at the Wildstorm panel at the Comic Con International in San Diego...

  • Thirteen episodes are planned for a midseason launch, likely to begin in March 2005.
  • The whole idea of "anyone can be on the Global Frequency" will be abundantly clear. "Every episode we're gonna grab somebody," John Rogers teased. But, not everyone will survive, of course. "I've told all the actors, their death scene's in the envelope. One of things we don't have in American TV is suspense," Rogers said.
  • Some big names are signed on to write for Global Frequency. David Slack (Teen Titans), Diego Gutierrez (Buffy), and Ben Edlund (Angel) are all on board. Global Frequency creator Warren Ellis will be writing "at least one" in the first season, and Ben Edlund is writing Episode 3. Warren is also approving all of the stories.
  • Aimee Garcia, who plays Aleph, is multilingual, which will come in handy as the series is truly a global affair.


Addendum On That Amber Benson Thing...
As reported yesterday here at GF @ KryptonSite, there have been rumors circulating on Buffy fan sites as well as the Global Frequency forum alleging that Amber Benson, the popular actress who played Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, tried out for the Dr. Kate Finch role on Global Frequency but "was turned down by the network because she played a lesbian witch on Buffy."

Warren Ellis, creator of the Global Frequency comic series, addressed the rumors on his Bad Signal mailing list, before resigning to it as "presumably released into the wild by someone with an axe or two to grind." But for a much more solid answer from someone who is involved with the casting process, we've heard from executive producer/show developer John Rogers, who took a moment to go on record about where things stand:

"So, I believe there's a misunderstanding, but no rash decisions based on previous roles. I still love Amber; I'm the one who approached her, I'm the one who brought her in, I think she's a helluva an actress, and will always drop her into the top of the casting list for any appropriate part. Until we finalize casting on the part in GF -- and please note the process is STILL ONGOING -- it's inappropriate for me to comment further. It's the pilot process: it's horrendously complicated and unpleasant for all concerned. So far we've gotten insanely lucky on our casting, and I can only pray our luck continues.

"I just want the fans to know I respect their concerns, respect their affection for a fine actress, and I'm trying to make a show that speaks to them, which is why Amber would be the type of actress considered in the first place."

And there, friends, you have it. Pass along the good word, and hopefully we'll hear who is playing Dr. Finch shortly. And of course, we here at GF @ KryptonSite do hope to see Amber Benson on Global Frequency at some point.


Josh Hopkins, You Are On The Global Frequency
Josh Hopkins, who recently finished a story arc on FOX's North Shore, has landed the part of new character Sean Ronin in the Global Frequency TV pilot.

Hopkins, who is 33, also had recurring roles on Jack and Jill, Cold Case, and Ally McBeal.

The Hollywood North Report lists Global Frequency as beginning production on August 9.


Miranda Zero is Now Cast
Playing "Miranda Zero" in the Global Frequency pilot will be Michelle Forbes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Homicide fame. Already a star with a large following, Forbes should turn out to be a popular choice to bring the leader of the Global Frequency organization to life.

The series pilot will be filming next month in Vancouver. Look for more information soon!

"Rogers and Burnett get a gold star once again," Warren Ellis said to fans on his Bad Signal mailing list about the news.

Aimee Garcia is Aleph!
A second Global Frequency casting detail to come out today: Aimee Garcia (All About The Andersons, Greetings From Tuscon, American Family) has been cast in the role of Aleph.

25-year-old Garcia made her professional stage debut at the very young age of seven. She's been a part of the WB "family" for two series before, but hopefully third time will be the charm.


Frequency Pilot "Currently Auditioning and Casting"
Global Frequency creator Warren Ellis said in an update to the Bad Signal mailing list today that the GF pilot project is still "currently auditioning and casting."

We'll post more information as it becomes available. (And if anyone reading knows anything and would like to give anonymous tips, you know where to find us!)


Supporting Characters Being Cast For Global Frequency Pilot
Casting information has gone out for the characters that will interact with Aleph, Miranda Zero, Sean, and Kate in the Global Frequency pilot.

About fifteen roles have had information going out, including informants, scientists, agents, military men, and more. Click here for a new spoiler or two!


Global Frequency Casting Spoilers
Casting sides have gone out for several roles in the WB's Global Frequency television pilot.

To read the details (which are of course subject to change between now and actual airing), click here.


Gregory Noveck and John Rogers Interviewed At CBR
Source: Comic Book Resources

DC Comics' Senior Vice President of Media Development Gregory Noveck and John Rogers, the screenwriter and producer who is developing Global Frequency for television, both were recently interviewed in an article at Comic Book Resources where they talked about the show and its genesis.

"Basically Mark Burnett, who is the creator of Survivor and The Apprentice, made a deal with Warner Brothers Television," Gregory Noveck told CBR News. "Warner Brothers Television was looking for properties for him. Somewhere in the mix he came across Global Frequency and they put it together and brought in John Rogers. I think John was already a fan of it actually. Basically it was one of those things that came together. They sold it to the WB when everyone realized what a great comic it was and what an excellent writer and sort of team it makes with Mark and John Rogers."

When Rogers heard about the show possibly coming to television, he had to become involved. "Friends of mine were representing it as a feature project, when Warner Bros. relocated it to the TV side. Now, I started in TV, I just hadn't done it for a while, focusing on features. I was such a huge fan of the book; I went in hat in hand and asked if I could run it. Nicely enough, the presentation I gave answered some very specific issues they'd faced in developing the show. Combined with my genial crankiness and experience adapting comics with some small success, it seemed like a safe bet to let me take a run at it," he told the site.

And what did the creator of the Global Frequency comic series, Warren Ellis, think of the script? "Warren saw the draft before anyone else," said Rogers. "I was dreading his response. He was very happy with it -- he almost seemed disappointed that I'd deprived him of another reason to hate television -- and I've integrated every idea of his I can into both the pilot and the series. It all sticks pretty closely to the book, so it's not too much of a challenge."

The article talks a bit in detail about how they plan to approach Global Frequency for television, in comparison to the comic, and is a fascinating look into the development of the series. Click the link for much more.

Warren Ellis Comments...
Global Frequency creator Warren Ellis has been giving some updates on the Global Frequency TV project on his "Bad Signal" mailing list. There he's done some talking about the production, and has revealed that filming will begin in Vancouver in August 2004.

Mr. Ellis has also recently noted that the Global Frequency trade paperback from DC Comics is soon to go into a second printing, in case you want to read what the fuss is about!

Click here to subscribe to "Bad Signal"

The WB's Description Of Global Frequency
The WB Network has announced Global Frequency as one of the shows that may be available for Midseason (i.e., early 2005) launch on their network. Here's the description they released. Keep in mind, there may be spoilers:

Based on the suspenseful and action-packed graphic novel franchise, "Global Frequency" marks the dramatic television debut of successful producer Mark Burnett ("Survivor," "The Apprentice"). The Global Frequency is an independent, illegal, covert intelligence agency determined to prevent international politics from undermining the security of the global community. Led by the former NSA agent Miranda Zero, GF is everywhere and nowhere – and it's mankind's best defense against everything that occurs outside our peripheral vision. This marvel of brains and machinery is hacked into every satellite, mainframe, cell phone and database across the globe. With the help of her central command dispatcher, the feisty but brilliant Aleph, Zero is just a phone call away from tapping anyone anywhere to volunteer their skills to help save the world. GF's newest "recruit," suspended cop Sean Ronin, is paired with introverted Kate Finch, a mastermind of the scientific inner workings of the covert network. The most original conspiracy saga since "The X-Files," "Global Frequency" shows us that one person can make a difference in the battle against the dangers of the modern world. From Warner Bros. Television Production Inc. and Cloudbreak Entertainment with writer/executive producer John Rogers (upcoming film "Catwoman," "The Core") and director Nelson McCormick ("Alias," "Third Watch").

John Rogers
Writer/Executive Producer
Credits: The Core, Catwoman, Jackie Chan Adventures

Warren Ellis
Producer/Creator of Global Frequency
Credits: (Comics) Global Frequency, Planetary, The Authority, Excalibur, Transmetropolitan, Iron Man, Ocean, Ultimate Fantastic Four

Mark Burnett
Executive Producer
Credits: Survivor, The Casino

David Slack
Credits: Teen Titans, Jackie Chan Adventures, Max Steel

Ben Edlund

Credits: Angel, Firefly, The Tick

Diego Gutierrez

Credits: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawson's Creek

Nelson McCormick

Credits: Alias, Third Watch

Global Frequency is currently being cast with a pilot scheduled to shoot in August 2004

Michelle Forbes as Miranda Zero
Credits: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Homicide: Life on the Street

Aimee Garcia as Aleph
Credits: All About The Andersons, Greetings From Tuscon

Josh Hopkins as Sean Flynn
Credits: Ally McBeal, North Shore, Jack and Jill, Cold Case

Jenni Baird as Kate Finch
Credits: All Saints, Crash Palace, Metropolis

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